Some Common Questions Our Customers Have.

Any Questions Not listed Please Contact Us.

Do You Only Work On Cabins?

We Provide Service To Homes, Cabins, Commercial and Multi Unit Dwellings.

Do You Work For Cabin And Home Owners (Or) Cabin Rental Management Companies?


We work directly for owners and we also work for management Companies. Our ability to provide fast cost effective results on repair and improvements, makes Blue Ridge Cabin Repair the perfect fit - no matter the size of job..... handyman list to full remodel.

How Do We Pay For Your Services?

Due to the fast pace of our work schedules and many of our clients being out of state owners, we often use detailed online invoicing which can be paid upon receipt with any major credit card (or) bank transfer at no cost to our clients. Let us know if you have any specific payment needs.


Do you provide Pressure Washing and Staining?

Yes, we so a great deal of pressure washing and stain. The active season for both normally occurs in the spring. Pressure washing can be done at any time, However staining can not be done properly at temps lower than 42 degrees - depending on the product.

Are you Insured? Do you Stand behind your work?

We are Insured and on larger projects we can name the project location as additional insured.

At Blue Ridge Cabin repair we work on projects and homes like they are our's. Treating a project or repair like we are owners sets a quality level of "Trying to the the right thing , the first time". If a issue arrises with work done we stand behind our work - first with integrity and second with warranty.

Can you repair decks and rotten wood?

We have a full framing crew, for deck additions, basement remodels and home or cabin additional living space. We also do a great deal of "Rotten or Damaged Wood Repair" on existing cabins and homes. If you are in need of "Rotten Wood Replacement" please contact us, each cabin and project are different. We specialize in cost effective wood replacement and existing stain color matches. (call for more info)


Do you provide Realtor Services? And what are they?

We are very active servicing realtors. We provide any clean up and repairs needed to get a Home Or Cabin Listed.

Many times during the home selling and buying process, area home inspectors will find issues that need repair prior to closing. We come in and compete stated repairs and keep closings on time if at all possible.

Blue Ridge Cabin Repair is also fluid with working for the new home or cabin owners after closing, to help with any improvements needed for Full Time Living Or Getting Property ready for the Cabin Rental Program.

Do You do roof repairs and gutter cleaning?

We repair metal and shingle roofs "However" we do not install new roofs. In the event one of our customers needs a new roof we refer them to "Steve Stacy Roofing". Steve Stacy is a reputable company with a great track record and warranty.

Gutter cleaning can be the best preventive for facia, wall and deck rot. We provide gutter cleaning with a cost effective approach and we use the proper safety equipment to clean gutters located high above the ground. Such as rigging and fall arrestors .

If my property is on the rental program can you still do larger repairs and improvements?

Yes, we understand that many of the cabins and homes in North Georgia are on rental programs and that the rents are vital to the operation of the property. We will work closely with property managers and rental calendars to get the desired work done with minimal disruption to rental income.